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TEFL school in Milan

Hi, everyone!

I'm a Brazilian ESL teacher looking to kick-start an international career with my husband. For that reason I've uploaded my CV to some market-specific websites and got contacted by a school.

They're called Connor Language Services and seem to be centered in teaching Business English to corporate clients. I was a little put off by the fact that they didn't require a CELTA or TEFL certificate, and the Skype interview wasn't through video call, just plain old typing...

Do you guys know anything about them? Have any of you in the TEFL community ever taught there before?

I appreciate any help I can get and thanks in advance for your attention/time!

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Hi All,

Sadly to say, the offer was merely a fraud. The school's the real deal and, although I haven't really looked into it very thoroughly, it seems like a reputable place to work at. I called them up a few days ago and they said they'd never heard of the guy who'd been emailing me for the recruitment process.

Oh well, Milan seemed like a really nice place to live at - and the language didn't pose as much of a hinder as well, since I'm native Latin language speaker myself and I was counting on it not being so hard to pick it up.

If anyone's interested in more details about the scam or believes themselves to have been caught up in it, please contact me and I'll be sure to help out right away, if possible.

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