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Things to do in Milan

Hello All,

I will be arriving to Milan on the night of 20th of October and will spend couple of days there. So I am looking for some advices and may be a guide. My main interests are Architecture (including interior design), art (especially painting),history, traditional food (and drinks) and I won't say no if you can give some recommendations about nightlife. Additionally i may consider to visit some fashions shows if there are any on these days, since that Milan is known to be one of the fashion centers of the world.
I've checked "top 10 things to do websites", but what i am asking is the things i cannot find there, things you people living in Milan can recommend.
Besides how long you think I should stay there, cause I have a tight schedule of nine days for 3 cities: Milan, Florence and Rome, and the maximum duration i can spare for Milan would be not more than 2 days, unfortunately...

Thanks in advance


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