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USA company Seeking a British Sales woman/man (Milwaukee)

We are recruiting for Our client, located in USA: A very established Protected content old manufacturing company.
Location of the job is near Chicago, IL, USA. Full time.

This client is located near Chicago. They had a British woman working for them in the past making sales calls in person and on the phone and they found her accent to be a HUGE business advantage. Hence, they wish to try and hire another British person.

Duties: You will be an assistant to the sales manager. You will communicate with customers via phone and email. Develop customer relationships and once proficient, you would travel and meet customers to build customer relationship and bring new business. All of the customers are only in USA.

Ideal candidate would have a bachelor's degree. Smart and sophisticated.

PS: If you already have a Visa to work in the USA and were planning to move anyway - that would be a HUGE PLUS!

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