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Internations Co-Ambassador for Minsk

Hello all,

I will be your Internations Co-Ambassador for Minsk along with Jan Alons!
Together we hope to provide the (frequent!) opportunity for expats to meet up, gain contacts and network in Belarus, or simply to have a few pints together! As well, we hope to help you with practical advice on how to get settled in, where is the best place to shop for food and necessities, the best cafes and restaurants in town, and how to navigate your way through the complex system of bureacracy! Not easy - we are still learning!

We plan to arrange our very FIRST Minsk Internations get-together at the end of November, and you all will be sent out official invitations in advance. We hope to see as many of you as possible - the more, the merrier! And we shall be thoughtful enough to plan it on a Friday, so that you all can recover gracefully in the weekend. So few excuses please!

As well, Jan and I would like to hear your opinions on what you would like/need from your Internations Ambassadors and how we can best help you. This can be anything from suggestions of venues/activities, choice of beer, to what information you require as an expat in Belarus to get set up and how we can best meet your needs. Nothing is too small, so feel free to give your opinion.

Best wishes from Jan and myself and we are looking forward to meeting you all very soon!


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