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Talking turkey for Thanksgiving (Minsk)

For all the Americans in Belarus... US Thanksgiving Day (Thursday, Nov. Protected content approaching, of course, and as you'll note, sources for turkey are few. Indeed, there has been but one farm in Belarus (and might still be, I don't know) that produces turkeys for the commercial market in this country. And it's located in the Ostrovetsky District of Grodnenskaya Oblast (last Belarusian stop on the train line to Vilnius).

However, people in Minsk don't need to plan a road (or railroad) trip. There are dealerships for turkey in the city. The biggest one is called Indushonok (Parkovaya 11), and there are smaller dealerships in the Komarovka market.

According to my inside source, they are planning a slaughter for sometime next week, and should be able to deliver for Thanksgiving Day (they apparently weren't aware of the significance of the holiday for their market before this morning). However, two caveats:

1. You have to order a minimum of a week in advance (most of their turkeys are shipped off to the more lucrative Moscow marketplace).

2. Anticipate that the only thing available are going to be turkeys larger (probably considerably larger) than 7 kilograms Protected content . If that won't fit in your oven, you will have to make friends with someone who has a bigger oven.

Their website (Russian only) is at:

Protected content

Still looking for sources for yams...

Ben M. Angel
(12th generation descendant of Mayflower passenger Thomas Rogers)

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