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Visa related (Minsk)

Here's funny (for somebody not involved) although sad story of getting Belarusian visa.

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Belarus set a new record in my Protected content journey: World’s Most Expensive 30-Day Visa. I was expecting it to be $125, but apparently that was last year’s price. This year’s price, as part of a special offer for U.S. citizens only, is $420.

Problems in Applying for a Belarusian Visa

1. Can not write “OR” for state – must write “OREGON.”
2. Can not write “Oregon” for state – must write “OREGON.”
3. Can not use “#” for “Number” – must write “NUMBER”
4. Digital signature not accepted on application.
5. Real signature must include each letter of name.
6. Real signature must be in black ink! No other color!
7. Visa card accepted for Canadian applicants; Americans must use only Mastercard.
8. Blue-colored Mastercards are not accepted (“image too dark for bank.”)
9. Signature on alternate Mastercard must match signature on application, even if signature on application is wrong due to requirement #5.
For more fun follow the link above :-)

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