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Come-along event 18 and 19 March, classical music (Monte Carlo)


Lovers of world music will surely enjoy the performances which will open the "Spring Arts Festival" this year!

On March 18 a concert of CLASSICAL TURKISH music, performed in the beautiful concert hall of the Oceanographic Museum, will introduce the audience to a soft and peaceful music seldomly heard in Western Europe, played with traditional instruments, such as flutes, percussion and string instruments. The program is named "Gate of Felicity" after one of the famous gates at Topkapi Palace in Istanbul. Turkish tea and sweets are being served before the concert.

On March 19, the "Whirling Dervishes" will perform their extraordinary trance-like dances at the Parking des Pêcheurs. The tradition of the mevlevi whirling dervishes goes back to the 13th century and is one of the most refined aspects of Oriental mysticism. Through dance, they express the exhilaration of their faith as they spin around and around in their long white robes. An unforgettable sight!

The tickets for each performance are € 20 per person. Further information in French can be found on the festival website Tickets may be purchased online. PM me for any pre- or after-concert drinks/dinner.

Monte Carlo Forum