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fusion monday night (Monte Carlo)

This Monday at Fusion on the Port at 7 pm, in the Rainbow Series we will continue our exploration of some of the themes presented in the film, « The Living Matrix ». (see : you tube)
Science has « discovered » that we have an « energy field » surrounding our body.
Many cultures have long asserted the existence of this energy field and have used it
extensively in their healing practices.

The film states that modern science can now assert that « memory » does not reside in the brain. If it’s not in the brain where is it ? We will look at the idea of the « askaic records »
the « library of memory» where all is recorded ; and if this library exists, whether or not we can «access » such information on demand.

Our special guest will be Catherine Meyere. Catherine has appeared on numerous TV programs and will be with us to explain how she uses the Askaic Records in the therapy system she founded called, « Temposie ».

Through Temposie, Catherine purports to use key words from a person’s « positive memory », information which she finds in the Askaic Records, to « heal » and /or
« unblock » circumstances in her client’s life. Her work focuses on freeing energy
to allow the person to achieve their goals.

I will recount my recent experience with Temposie.

Catherine will have copies of her book, and is available for consultation in Monaco.

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