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Japanese Sword to find in Monte Carlo?

Hi All,
I have been in the quest of a Japanese Sword (IAITO) precisely for Martial Art called IAIDO (居合道) that I am practicing.

I am tentatively expecting to luckily have an encounter with a suitable sword and would like to make it in some reasonable delay this time in France, as it should take longer with a formal administrative procedure if I would order it in Japan.

I would also want to have a look, touch, hold, perceive its weight & length and discuss on the finishing quality and origin of my future sword with a qualified vendor. In addition, it is my spirited personal affair and must be a trustful trade with an affordable price somehow. This is why I would have NO intention to buy it online.

Anyone who simply knows a specialized vendor? Amateur/Art collector? or are you a Martial Artist?, if you could suggest me with any related information, it would be warmly welcome.
Anyone who's practicing BUDO, a good address for DOJO would be equally appreciated. Thank you.

Kind Regards, Kaylee

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