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Weight Loss for Keeps
In "The Living Matrix" movie a chinese medicine concept is mentioned,energy as found in the "acupunture system" (meridiens); the chinese also consider "food energy" to be critically important in their system of well being.
We in the West often talk about the importance of eating healthy foods, but what does that mean exactly?
And doesn't losing weight mean having a restrictive diet? and then after a lot of struggle,
we gain everything right back !
Susan Tomassini, a qualified Nutritional Therapist, will discuss some facts and myths
about weight and provide practical weight management solutions, both for adults and children.
Susan will discuss many factors that contribute to a person being overweight,
(much more than overeating and lack of physical exercise), including nutritional deficiencies,
neurotransmitter imbalances, blood sugar control, food intolerances, metabolic and digestive disorders
and stress
Fusion on the Port
Next Monday Feb 7
At 19h
Doors open 18h30

Monte Carlo Forum