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Reliable, spacious but sportive family car (Monte Carlo)

Congratulations on your move to the Cote d’azur! Life can be beautiful here, but unless you live (and work) in a city centre, you will need a car to get, well, anywhere. Have a family to move around? Or like taking your bike or board out to nature? Here is your chance to buy a spacious yet sportive BMW at a very reasonable price.

Since I know more about finance than cars, it has been maintained by BMW dealers from the moment I bought it (and this was also the case with the previous owner), this is all stored on the key and I can provide you with a print-out. The car has been virtually problem-free; in five years’ time I only had to get the indicator light (a.k.a. the blinker) replaced. Oh yeah, and I had a flat tire on the peage. Luckily the car’s pressure sensors warned me so I could put it on the shoulder of the road safely without damaging anything. I had runflat tires installed on the front wheels straight away and I recommend you do the same once the rear tires require replacement, runflats don’t cost that much more… Until then there is now a spray container in the trunk that will allow you to fill-up a flat tire so you can get home without the expensive French towing service.

If you have children it’s good to know that the car has a leather interior that is easy to clean, there is ISOFIX (so you can really tie the little rascals down, ehm, safely) and in addition to the slightly tinted rear windows there are sun screens integrated in the back doors to keep them from over-exposure to the French summer sun. And the comfort does not stop there: wide-screen navigation, automatic fold-in mirrors, rain sensors, cruise control. Of course you love visiting the charming French towns with their narrow streets and impossible parking spaces; fear no more as the car has park distance control, all around. A hook is a handy but ugly apparatus and therefore the people at BMW made it electronically fold-away, great! For those considering to buy their first BMW station wagon (“break” as your French colleagues will call it) there is one feature I just need to highlight: you can open the rear window separately from the rest of the trunk. This is one of the smartest innovations on the whole car if you ask me. It allows you to quickly (and single-handedly) grab something from the trunk or to stash in an additional bag or two when you’re going on a road trip.

So, no negative points? Well, the car is about ten years old and that means that the paint has some spots to show for it. Come to think of it, these are all from my time in France. And all but one are not because I was careless when parking. Actually, the driving and parking style of the (further much appreciated) natives is a good reason for not owning a new car here. There is also a small incling in the window (if it were diamond you would probably call it VVS) which was already there when I bought the car, so no reason to worry I would say. According to my garage there is about Protected content in maintenance coming somewhere in the next year / Protected content kilometers as a seal is “sweating” (whatever that means) and will require replacement. The car has been around with 215k (mainly highway) kilometers on the clock. However, this type of car should easily handle Protected content according to the experts. The engine is a 2 liter diesel which means it has good power Protected content and is very fuel friendly (20:1 is not an exception).

So you may wonder why I am selling the car. Well, to refer back to the start if my story: I moved into the city centre and walk to work nowadays. Your upside: you can combine your test drive with a visit to Monaco, the home of the rich and famous! Of course, you will be driving the cheapest car on the road, but if that makes you feel bad you can always pay me (a lot) more for it.

So the choice is yours: buy a reliable German car (on French plates) from a reliable Dutch guy or hand yourself over to a French-speaking second hand car salesman...

Don’t hesitate to reach out should you have any further questions!

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