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why power of positive thinking doesn't work (Monte Carlo)

Why POSITIVE THINKING, Law of Attraction, Chakra clearing, traditional therapies and most things….DON ‘T WORK…

I was speaking with a friend this weekend who said to me,

« I’VE « CHANGED MY THOUGHTS » and as much I want to, « change my life »
NOTHING I’ve tried over the last twenty years has worked….and frankly I’ve given up !!! »

Many of us feel/think the same way…some have given up « looking for a solution » and have accepted that « life is like that, and we do not have the ability to change most things, or for some, ANYTHING at all ». Others haven’t given up hope and continue trying to find « the solution ».

and more importantly HOW TO TRULY TRANSFORM YOU LIFE !

I know that this reads like a late night TV advert, or a SPAM from some « new age » huckster.

Yet here it is,

Traditionally the mind is divided into three : subconcious, concious, super conciousness.

Subconcious – operates 95% of the body’s activities and is « one million times more powerful than the concious and is full of « nocebos » or self-actualising negative thoughts;

Concious – operates 5% of the time at only one millionth the power of the subconcious. Even if you maintain high energy, positive thoughts in your concious they are energetically too weak (5% versus the subconcious 95% of time ; one versus the subconcious, one million power) to counter act the subconcious which is full of « nocebos »…ergo, POSITIVE THINKING, Law of Attraction, et al simply don’t stand a chance.
UNLESS you change the subconcious !!!

Superconcious – spirit

See « Protected content »… for a more detailed explanation from « Bruce Lipton» who also appears in « The Living Matrix » (thanks Steve !!!)

To use Bruce Lipton’s analogy the esubconcious is a « tape recorder » ; and because, it effectively rules the body 95% of the time, until we change the tape or record over it we are « doomed » to repeat the same circumsatnces over and over and over again in our lives, much like a « tape loop ». He then proposes EFT / Tapping to enable us to « reprogram/change our subconcious tape and thus, enabling our « positive thinking » to take root and truly transform orur lives.
I haven’t tried « tapping » but if you visit the link above you will find out more.

THERE are OTHER WAYS to change your subconcious program.
acmos, and
Temposie, by Catherine Meyere

Both of these systems get into the subconcious and « change the tape ».
With acmos by placing positive energy
or in the case of Catherine’s « Temposie » by activating positive memories.

I am currently working with BOTH systems. I cleared and replaced energy with «"acmos»
And am currently in the second of three stages with Temposie.

Subjectively, They both work.
Objectively the changes are « real » and in the case of «acmos» are measureable and quantified on machines visible to the person.

An additional element that we all seem to overlook is « the food we eat ».
This « food energy » essential to eastern medicines, is almost always overlooked by us !
I am changing the way I eat as well.

So how can you « change your programming » for a happier, more harmonic life ?

Temposie seminars, by Catherine Meyere beginning this Thursday at fusion on the Port
From 9h -12h Protected content / 75 euros with lunch at Stars n Bars (thanks Kate !!)
Normally three sessions are required.
Protected content
acmos in Monaco can be arranged through me 70 euros/session.
Protected content
« Tapping » visit the link mentioned above.

Susan Tomassini, registered nutritionist, tonight 7pm at fusion on the port, Monaco
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