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Are my chances of returning to Mexico in Jeapordy? (Monterrey)

Hello all, my name is Dustin and I am an expat in Chihuahua. I have been living in Chihuahua since May 31st, Protected content a FMM tourist card lasting Protected content . It has been a month since my tourist card has expired and I am overdue For a new one. I would get a bus ticket and go straight to El Paso to get a new one but I am worried. My Mexican son is due to be born in 2 months, and I am scared that the INM may not give me a new FMM when they see that I have lived here illegally. The last thing I would want in this world is to miss my son's birth because Mexico will not let me back in. On the other hand, I read on the Internet that you are charged $5 for every day that you stayed past your FMM's expiration when you apply for a new one or try to leave the country. (I would leave by bus) If this is also true, I am digging myself deeper and deeper every day that I live here illegally. What should I do? I do not have a support group here to rely on besides these forums. Thank you for an input.

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