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Home schooling for kid with learning disability (Monterrey)

Hi, my wife and I are from Veracruz but have been living in Toronto for the past 13 years. My kids are Canadian for all intents and purposes. We may move back to Monterrey as "expat", that is, my employer will send us for three years, even though we are Mexicans.

In any case, I'm researching schools for my kids, but more importantly for my son as he's got a language-based learning disability. He's got an IEP at his current school, and has small group support for literacy and math.

So far we've looked into AIM and Colegio Ingles. We have applied and are waiting for their input. However, another avenue we may analyze is home schooling for my son; some sort of tutoring. Neither my wife nor I would like to do it since we don't feel capable enough, and we believe it would put a strain on our parent-son relationship (we already have enough with homework!).

Would anyone know any English native-speaker private teacher who is familiar with the Canadian system for home schooling?

Has anyone else been in this situation?

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