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Moving to Monterrey

If you're considering a move to Monterrey, then you'll find plenty to recommend the city. From the delectable local cuisine and the temperate climate to the beautiful natural areas, you're bound to enjoy life in Monterrey. Find practical information regarding visas, housing and more in this article.

Finding Accommodation

San Pedro Garza Garcia is a popular area amongst expatriates, with a large number of western-style homes and a strong community that's essential to find if you're considering moving abroad. 

A three bed apartment rental in the area can be expected to cost around 1000 - 2000 USD per month, depending on how well furnished the apartment is, how new it is and the parking or outdoor space that comes with it. Check out Century 21 Global estate agents to see what the latest properties on the market are. 

Visas for Mexico

If you're intending to work in Monterrey you'll first need to obtain a visa that allows working, such as a temporary residence visa, for stays up to four years. This visa can only be applied for outside Mexico, and is pre-approved by the consulate.

The company you are working for has to apply for a work permit for you, and once you get confirmation from the Institute of Immigration, you should schedule an interview with the Mexican consulate in your own country. You can get the actual visa and work permit from the Institute of Immigration after arrival to Mexico.

Once you arrive in Mexico you'll have to register at the Institute of Immigration within 30 days, at which point you get the temporary residence card and work permit. If your spouse or partner also wishes to gain employment in Monterrey, they too must apply for a work permit.

For more detailed information, you can also take a look at our dedicated article on Moving to Mexico.

The Climate in Monterrey

The climate in Monterrey is an attractive proposition to most, with low temperatures rarely falling below 10°C and highs not often topping 35°C. Average rainfall is generally low, although you'll probably want to stay indoors in September, when a quarter of the city's annual rain falls in one month.

Francois Bertrand

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Barbara Melington

"With InterNations, we had the chance to find a good bi-lingual school for our children in Mexico. They are gonna grow up as true 'third-culture kids'! "

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