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Working in Monterrey

Monterrey is an economic hub, home to many multinational corporations and in need of high-skilled professionals: it is definitely a top destination for all expats hoping to start working in a vibrant city that has a lot to offer. Find out more about the local economy, taxes and jobs in this guide.

You can find some of Mexico's biggest companies operating out of Monterrey, as well as global brands like Sony, Toshiba, Boeing and General Electric established in the city. That means that there are plenty of jobs available for skilled expatriate workers from all over the world. Employment as teachers and nannies is also available for English speaking expats.

Local Economy

Monterrey is a major industrial center for the north of Mexico. It has consistently been rated as one of the top cities in Latin America for business and benefits, thanks to the geographical proximity that it has to the border between Mexico and the USA. 

Monterrey is the center of Mexico's steel manufacturing industry and other prominent sectors within the business community include cement, glass, auto parts and brewing.

In 2012 there were over 13,000 manufacturing companies, 55,000 retail stores, and 52,000 service firms operating out of the city, all contributing to a thriving local economy.

Income Taxation in Monterrey

Before you begin working in Monterrey you will need to register for tax purposes with the Secretaría de Hacienda y Crédito Público and receive an individual tax ID.

You'll have to pay tax on all of your income, even if it isn't earned in Mexico, but luckily Mexico has double taxation treaties with many countries, including the UK, the USA and Germany among others. This means you should be able to claim tax relief on any income earned elsewhere while you're in Monterrey. 

Taxation in Mexico is based on income and can be as low as 1.92% or as high as 30%. Even the top rate of tax in Mexico is substantially lower than many other countries - particularly in Europe.

This means that even if the salary you're earning in Monterrey is the same or less than you'd earn in your home country, you may get to take more of it home.

Job Hunting in Monterrey

The best place to search for expat jobs in Monterrey is online. You'll find many vacancies for international companies advertised in this way simply by searching job websites relevant to your chosen career - and if they're advertised in English, then knowing Spanish probably won't be a requirement, giving you some time to learn the language.

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