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Freelance Computer Technician (Montevideo)


I hope to be visiting Uruguay in the near future and will be looking for work, as I am 10 years away from being able to draw my pension. However, I am experienced in all aspects of computer repair and installation, and have installed server software on my own systems. I believe I can use these and other skills I possess "freelance" on an "as needed" basis. In other words, I may be able to let people know what I can do, and then take "small-irregular" technical jobs as they come along until I have built a reputation within the local marketplace as a reputable professional. I think I would even like doing this much better; as I think the network that I will be able to generate will ultimately be larger and more varied than it would otherwise... I'll also get to know the people better; and isn't that what makes life worthwhile?

Can anyone offer some suggestions as to whether I should approach 'small' businesses, such as repair shops & retail stores, individual computer owners, and what attitude I should take toward sharing my skills, so that others will come to regard me as someone they can come to with 'any' technical problem? I'm trying to come-up with a strategy...

Frankly, I really don't care whether I'll have to give my services away, for a while at least, as long as I can "stay in the game." I would much rather "trade" my services for a slice of pie or a cold cerveza than remain isolated and unemployed. A wise man once said "a crust of bread shared among friends is a feast..."

Thanks Juan

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