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PenPal/Skype About Uruguay? (Montevideo)


Hi Everyone,

I have been researching Uruguay for a while now and am considering moving there. I was wondering if anyone had some time to talk about living in Uruguay and maybe have Spanish/English conversations for anyone looking to improve their English as I work to improve my Spanish skills. Some Uruguayan's are surprised to learn that I am interested in moving to Uruguay from the US and question it but below are some reasons based off of my research:

1. Seems like a low-key country; most people in the US would not be able to find it on a map and it does not seem like a political hot spot based on world affairs.

2. 1st world country with a nice climate, low potential for major natural disasters.

3. Seems there is more community than the US and seems more laid back.

4. Does not appear to be too touristy.

At the same time, I know no place is perfect either, but I am pretty simple and Montevideo seems large and small enough for my interests.

Well thanks for reading this and I hope to hear back soon.


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