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Seeking a girl I met in London in February 2010 (Montevideo)

Hi there,

I am trying to find a gorl from Montevideo whom I met in London in February...we spoke a lot and, she told me that she is making documentaries in Uruguay for a living....

We exchanged email addresses and names, but I lost the note and, now |I can't find hopefully someone in here knows this girl and, can help me.

What I remember is what she is doing for a living. Sje makes documentaries about people who are - in some way handicapped.....this is shown on television and, people can donate their help to the oranisation the girl is working for. The documentary is then showing how the money has been spent and, who they have helped....

I wonder if any of this rings a bell with any of you. I would really love to get back in touch with this girl....she was nice and, as I am thinking of relocating to Uruguay in a years time, it would be lovely to know her before I arrive in the Country...IF I can make out my plans that is...but I think I can o)

Thanks very much for your help and thoughts....

Alle the best and, happy weekend in Uruguay from


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