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Some advice for young expats lookings for an apt (Montevideo)

Hi guys,
We all know looking for an apt in Mvd is no easy job. I wanted to share an ugly experience I had, from which I learned a lot, so I can help others not to make the same mistakes as I.
I met tis guy through airbnb ( Protected content ), but as I was staying for several months we agreedto make a deal outside the app and he demanded me to pay him one month deposit. His home was gorgeous, neat and had the best location. However, the first problem was that he never told me he lived with his gf, living with a couple can get really awkward, nor that he rented another bed trough airbnb, and that I was gonna have to be on charge of those guests and the cleaning, neither that he didn't have a wash machine. The first time a missunderstading came up, he made it very clear it was HIS place and he was renting me just a room and he raised his voice and showed to be a rather aggressive person. The worst was when I has to leave and he didn't seem to be willing to pay me back my deposit, he made me wait until the very last minute and at the end he discounted me Protected content for the cleaning products I hadn't bought during the 4 months, he even threatened to show pics of the "mess" I had in my room, which is an enourmous violation of my privacy, insulted me and threw me out of his place.
The lessons learned are:
1. always make the deal through airbnb, that guarantees you at least to be able to write the host a bad review if necessary.
2. if you pay a deposit, demand a contract to be signed so you secure you have your money paid back.
3. A deposit is just in case you break something or don't pay the rent, cleaning stuff is to be ruled talking politely thefirst day of living together.
4. if you do don't feel well where you are staying, don't hesitate in moving there is enough apts offer in the city, there are cheaper places and there are awesome roomates. Just take yout time to look for them...
I hope this helps and nobody has to be trough what I have been.

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