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Opening a bank account for students in France (Montpellier)

At your arrival in France, it will be necessary for you to open a bank account to put your money in safety and pay all your purchases afterward by bank card, thing which is certainly safer than keeping your cash on you !

To open a bank account you will need your proof of enrolment as a student and a document to prove that you have a registered adress (CROUS certificate , electricity/gaz invoice, certificate of accommodation(hosting)) and of course a valid passport.

Please be aware that you do not need the "carte de séjour" to open a bank account.

You will need to do a first deposit on you account but something like 50€ should be alright.

Banque populaire : With this offer reserved for Protected content old. You will enjoy a visa card for 2€ per month and internet access -Overdraft without fees : upto Protected content .

BNP paribas : 2 years free for students of Protected content old in Uni / schools
-Overdraft without fees : With the agreement young people BNP the client does not pay fees the first year.-Loan of Protected content free of charge for students.

Caisse d’épargne : Offer for Protected content old, You will enjoy a blue card Visa for 1€ / month Insurance, loss and theft included
–Overdraft without fees : up to Protected content , or up to 50 % of incomes if registered adress -Text alert service to keep your account on track.

La banque postale : Individual account with a visa card with insurance of 3.75€ for Protected content old and 7.50€ for Protected content –Overdraft without fees : a threshold of 3€ per quarter for Protected content . It enables you to be free of charge for an overdraft of 300€ for 9 days in the month.

LCL : 1 € the first year for an international card, internet access and enjoy some gifts.
-Overdraft without fees : up to Protected content propose to students 6 types of needs to enable them to enjoy a 5% discount per subscribed product , and an insurence mobile phone.
-Loan of Protected content free of charge for students
-Accomodation insurance 1€ the year for students

Société générale : You will enjoy a visa card, insurance payment means and loyalty programm, cost per month for under 18 y/o : 1,92 € for Visa ; for Protected content : 3,85 €.
-Overdraft without fees : Protected content have a special plan free of charge if there is overdraft of 460€ for 5 days on a row or not per month (calendar)

Here is also another way to open a bank account in France ! : Protected content

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Hope this was helpful !

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