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Student visa for France, explained (Montpellier)

Short term visa

You can come to France and study for up to three months on this visa, without the need for a separate residence visa. This visa is great for those enrolling on a language course or other short-term program. It is issued free of charge and cannot be renewed.

The temporary long term visa

This visa allows you to study in France for between three and six months without the need for a residence permit. It is non-renewable.

The long term Visa (titre de séjour)

This visa is Valid for stays exceeding 3 mont up to 1 year and renewable
French legislation allows you to work for a maximum of Protected content per year with this visa Protected content % of the average legal work time in France).
You will need an APT (Autorisation Provisoire de Travail) or temporary work authorization in order to practice a paid professional activity. This APT is financed by your future employer.
You have to know that if you take the short term visa, you will not be able to turn it into a long term visa without returning to your country. It is the same with the temporary long term visa.
You have to build a strong case to access to this Visa.
Some countries require you to register first with CampusFrance, the French national agency for higher education and international students, in order to apply for admission and get a student visa through the CEF procedure. You can check CampusFrance to find out if you need to do this. Otherwise, you should apply for a course via the university website, and get your visa at the French embassy/consulate in your home country.
Campus France will help you to build your case by doing an interview with you.(here are the questions at the interview : Protected content
You have to show them that you have enrolled in a French language school for at leat 3 month and/or enrolled at a higher education in France.
Basically you have to show them that you intend to stay long time in France for your studies.
Once you have seen Campus France, you will have to ask for your Visa at the French embassy next to your place.
You will have to show different things as well :
- Proof of accommodation
- Proof of sufficient funds example, bank statement, guarantor’s letter, or notice of a grant or funding from an official source.
- Proof of medical insurance
- Proof of airplaine ticket
- Fill up an application form
- Valid passport
On your arrival in France, you must contact the French Office of Immigration and Integration (OFII), send them the official form issued by your consulate, possibly have a medical examination and pay a fee of EUR 58 in the form of a tax stamp (available from tabacs (tobaconists), tax offices and online here). Some universities have an agreement with the OFII, whereby you do this through them rather than the OFII (check with your own school or university).
Hope I made it clear enough 

Ask us if you guys have questions: Protected content

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