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Am ready to pay what ever it cost >2 get 2 canada (Montréal)

Dear Sir / Madam

I applied for Canadian Visitor Visa on 11th of February Protected content me and for my wife
we both got rejected and we received the reasons from your office and it was as the following : Protected content

You have not satisfied me that you would leave Canada at the end of your stay as a temporary
resident. In reaching this decision, I considered several factors, including:

1. Length of proposed stay in Canada ( which was 1 and half month , less than 6 moths)
2. Purpose of visit Protected content was Tourism )
3. Current employment situation Protected content not sure where is the problem with my employment situation)

I need you to clear why I got rejected I mean I follow the rules every thing i provided a documents to prove my case

1st . the length of stay should be less than 6 months according to CIC and my visit was only 1 and half month ( where is the wrong with that)

2nd . purpose of visit which was tourism and in my travel history i travel every year the same month or before or after in maximum 1 month
because it my annual vocation also I provided a hotel booking and my trip schedule am not sure ( what is wrong with my purpose of visit )

3rd. current employment situation what is wrong with that am working for more than 20 years now 10 years of them with my current sponsor as fitness trainer with valid Working resident ID and i provide documents from my boss prove all of my employment situation and that am coming back to Saudi Arabia according to him and me

so please < I need more details of why this 3 reasons prevent me from travel to Canada and what could be more reason that i will come back to country than I have 2 kids going to schools will stay in Saudi Arabia

my application number Protected content V Protected content : Jasem Mula
my wife application number : V Protected content : Rouba Almousa

best regard

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