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Americans living in Montreal? Need your advice. (Montréal)


I'm a US citizen (first generation immigrant) and am considering moving to Montreal. I have visited this wonderful city many times. I really like it there and have made a couple of friends. I do speak some French, and don't think learning it well would be a problem for me.

However, first of all, I understand that visiting isn't actually living. Secondly, I realize that moving to Montreal would involve immigrating to Canada, and it would take time, expenses, learning the language, etc. So before I committed to this effort, I would like to get some advice from fellow US citizens who have gone through it all and have been living in Montreal for a while now.

All said and done, was it worth it in your opinion? Are there any reasons you would not recommend moving to Montreal? What should I be prepared for and/or beware of? What would you have done differently?

Thank you!

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