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Coming to Montreal? (Montréal)

Dear All,

my name is Filippo and I'm from Milan, Italy. I've been carefully studying where to relocate in Canada, and lastly my choice was Montreal. I believe receiving a permanent visa is easier than in Ontario or BC, and moreover, the need to speak French puts some good stakes for immigrants. The lesser demand - the better!

I've never been there yet, but in August I'll be in town for at least a week, in order to get to know the place and meet as much people as possible.

Just a few questions to know more:
- how's the job environment there? Is it as active as in Ontario?
- is life expensive? What about housing and transportation?
- what are the biggest communities of immigrants?

In the meanwhile, I'm looking for contacts! Please feel free to add me in your network, I'd be glad to meet you when I'm there.

Talk to you soon

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