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Dragon Boat weekly training - 2nd session starting (Montréal)

Welcome to our new Internations Dragon Paddlers!

Date for our 2nd training session: every Thursday, 8 weeks in a row from July 26th to September 13th
Location: Notre-Dame Island (Metro Jean-Drapeau)
Price: 80$ (flat rate for 8 weeks, including pass for dressing room access) - already a team member, 60$ only!

As our aim is to make our team grow step by step with new paddlers interested in discovering this sport, we will inform other Internations members on a regular basis that they can join us and try one Thursday with us exceptionally free of charge.
So if you have friends interested, please do not hesitate to inform them on your side that they can try once. They just need to inform us in advance to plan their participation!

Our goal is not to be extreme competitors but to have fun and share common values:

- give 100% of your best, regardless of your initial physical potential
- respect the organisation rules for the team harmony
- share fun and healthy exercise through various additional activities in a recreational spirit
- be open to cultural differences and multi-ethnic environments
- ready for challenges and self-surpassing in view of a common goal

Lionel Lebreton

Montréal Forum