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Founder WorkRoom (Montréal)

Event Information: Networking Cocktail | Panel | Raffle

With the recent cut-down from many big companies and few closures of luxury businesses (restaurants and clothing stores), many are laid off; otherwise, they have lost jobs, and are relying on employment insurance.

Did you know that small businesses are providing better source of employment?

However, have you thought of starting your own business?

Starting a business in Quebec could be very challenging and intimidating. Here are some questions you may have and they would likely be answered at this event:

Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur?

Would you like to know more on how to start one successfully?

Better yet, the dos and donts, straight from startups and venture capitalist.

Did you know there are many helpful resources you could find both from the public and private sectors?

Did you also know that banks are not the only institution that lends money for capital? In fact there are some non-profit organisations in Quebec that provides such services with very low interest rate?

Legal information one requires to protect the business and rights one has.

Have you thought of participating in competitions?

Competing not only validates your business, but it also organically creates noise. Most importantly, it attracts potential clients, investors and talents that you would need in order to succeed in your business. It is actually the best publicity where you are likely to win; otherwise, it will receive constructive feedback from commendable people!

On Thursday, the 25th of September at *SAJE Accompagnateur d’entrepreneurs from 5:30 PM to 9:30 PM, prolifiq Management will host Founder WorkRoom.

Zoonie Nguyen, President of Groupe Talentelle Inc., will be talking about how she started her business in Quebec; and the challenges encountered, assistance received and resources available to her as an immigrant and a woman. Along with two panels, they will discuss and answer any burning questions anyone has in realising a business in Quebec.

Dress Code: Business Casual

*Venue is subject to change.

For further details, please visit prolifiq Management's Facebook page. Don't forget to like us! Protected content

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