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Lebanese recipe video competition (Montréal)


Show us your cooking Talents and Win BIG with Cook and Eat Lebanese!

Today is the first day of the competition! GET READY!!! UPLOAD your Videos!!!

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Lebanese recipe video competition
Upload your video and win instant gifts
Up to Protected content in Cash

The first 50 members to upload their videos will
Win Protected content Cash and a Surprise Gift

All accepted videos will enter the competition for Protected content in Award

The one with the highest ratings will win Protected content
The judge’s selection will win Protected content

To participate to this contest, the following rules and regulations apply:
(Please read carefully)

Rules and regulations

Only Lebanese food recipe videos are accepted for participation
Only adult amateur cooks are eligible for the competition (over 18)
All entrants must submit an original Lebanese recipe video
Video language: English or Arabic
Video length: maximum of 5 min
No copyrighted or obscene material. All components of the entry must be the original creation of the submitting participant.
Only non-commercial work may be submitted.
All ingredients & measurements stated should be shown
All preparation steps should be given (audio or video)
The video must include a picture of the final dish.
Entries must not have been published in any other media prior to the Start Date of the competition
All submitted entries become the property of cook and eat-Lebanese and will be labeled on the portal accordingly.
Entries may not contain profanity, nudity, pornographic images, violent images, anti-competition messages, illegal material, or material that violates the rights of third parties. Entries may not include confidential information, trade secrets, trademarks or copyrighted material belonging to any person or entity other than the entrant absent a suitable license or permission agreement, proof of which is required. Entries containing any forbidden matter or material otherwise deemed to be inappropriate will be disqualified.
All submitted recipes must be received by the latest 12pm on the last day of the competition.
The 1st recipe entered by the member, if within the first 50 will be awarded the $100, any additional entries will not be considered among the first 50, but will increase the members chance to win one of the $ Protected content prizes.

Video specifications

Maximum length: 5 minutes
Maximum file size: 1 GB

General guidelines and helpful hints

Recipe must be explained clearly, so it’s easy to follow.
All information provided by entrant must be complete, true and correct.
Take a maximum of 60 sec to state and shoot what your recipe is, what ingredients are involved and give measurements when practical.
Try to do as much preparation work as possible off camera, ahead of time. This includes measuring ingredients, placing in small bowls, chopping, dicing... Unless the technique involved is novel or interesting, there is no need for the viewer to watch 5 potatoes being sliced.
Don’t forget to show the final plating of the dish, and to take a picture of the final product.
Wear solid colors and make sure your clothes don’t have any logos on them.
Your goal is to create clear, concise easy to follow videos.

Shooting tips
You don’t need to be a professional cinematographer to create your cooking videos, these guidelines will help you.

Make sure you’re in a quiet place and there is no distracting noise.
Check your background; don’t stand in front of a window or a source of light, or a plain white wall (you’ll be all shadow).
Make sure the subject is well-lit, preferably from behind the camera, room lights in the ceiling can provide some light, but their color and location is not the best for videos. It is preferable to supplement these with an incandescent lamp at the side and you'll get better video.
Keep the clips short and active. Avoid rapid pans and zooms.
You can use a tripod (if possible) to avoid shaky shots, and reduce rapid movements of camera.
If it's possible use a microphone, shoot from less than 2 meters away and speak loudly toward the built-in microphone in your camera. ( recording Voice is tricky and this could impact the quality of your video )
Look at the camera and try to minimize views of your back.
Make it a step further and get a variety of interesting shots and details: tight, medium and wide shots show what you are describing; In fact, you might try shooting from a different angle.
Once you’re done, check the video to make sure it’s lit, and that your audio is clear.


Register to the Portal, registration is free
Go to add a Recipe
Fill in your ingredients and direction
Upload a still picture of your recipe
Upload the video
Then go ahead and post.
You will receive an e-mail directly confirming submission of the received video. Within a week you will receive another, stating acceptance or rejection of video for the competition.
Check the portal continuously for any updates.


The first accepted 50 videos will win instantly the $100 award.
The video with the most rates from the members (most votes) will win $1000
The most clear, precise, creative and helpful video will win $1000. (Cook and Eat Lebanese judging team).
Awards are given in US dollars

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