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Moving to Montreal with husband and 4 mo old (Montréal)

My husband just found out that we will be starting a move to Montreal in May Protected content . We will be moving with our dog and 4 mo old son. We are from the United States and have NO knowledge of French. Here are some questions I am having.
1. With our lack of knowledge in the French Language... Where should we live? We would like a condo. My husband will be working in the Ponte Claire area.
2. Does anyone have recommendations on where we could start taking French lessons?
3. Are there places in Montreal to live that are completely furnished? And Pet friendly?
4. I would like to get my son in some play groups for the both of us. Are those easy to find?
5. We need to get a car. Are there short term leasing options?
6. I won't be working. Will we all need a visa or just my husband?
7. Is public transportation easy to use without being able to speak French?
I am sorry for all of the questions! I am starting to feel very overwhelmed at the quickness of this move and want to have as much knowledge as possible before we go there!
Thanks in advance!


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