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ROYAL ART (Montréal)

Guest Lecturer: Professor of Philosophy Ramon Gonzalez Martinez. A teacher for over 25 years, he has worked and lectured in countries of Spain, Mexico, Brazil, Romania, India and now in Canada!

"Art is a form of creative expression that transmits ideas, principles, states of mind or a vision of the world. Art is the expression of the soul that wishes to be heard. Art can have different objectives like magical and religious, aesthetic, ideological...

There are two types of art: the first, the subjective art, leads to nothing; in general, it only transmits shapes and colors
The second, the Royal Art of Nature, the objective, real and transcendental art, contains in itself precious cosmic truths…"

Found in renaissance paintings, Gothic cathedrals, classical music, sacred dances of the khalkh and sufi.

Join us as we examine the contents and symbolism of these classical arts.

Montréal Forum