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Speaking Hungarian in Québec/Montréal

Hello all.
I'm a 25-year old PhD student living in Québec, originally from the Netherlands. When I moved to Canada in March Protected content , I was expecting to meet a lot of Hungarian people, since Canada is a popular destination for Hungarian emigrants. However, I have not met any so far.
I lived in Budapest for half a year and over there I learned a fair bit of Hungarian. When I was living in the Netherlands I could often travel to Budapest to practice my Hungarian again, but over here that is quite difficult and I don't want to forget what I learned.
So my question is, are there any Hungarians (or other people that somehow master the Hungarian language) that are willing to meet up for a drink and a chat in Hungarian? I'm living in Québec City, but it would be perfectly fine for me to come to Montréal as well.

Thanks a lot in advance!

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