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Anyone wants an iPhone 4 or iPad in Moscow?


i recently visited Moscow - and was absolutely exited. Now i want to go back to Moscow as fast as possible (Love is calling).

But money is low - so i am looking for a way to finance it.

Since i sell iPhone 4 and iPads here in Cyprus i would be able to bring one or two of them to Moscow - and could use the profit to pay for the flight.

For the buyer it would still be a good Deal (at least for iPads) since they sell in Moscow way above the usual price.

An iPad 64Gb with wifi and 3G i can bring to Moscow for 1.175 EUR. The iPhone for i can bring you for 1.500 EUR or 2 of them for 2.650 EUR. (sorry - there are only 2 avaible.)

I hope to come back to Moscow already 27. Protected content . August.

Anyone interested: please drop me a message! :)

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