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documentary project (Moscow)

Hi guys,

I thought that you might be interested in taking part in a documentary project run by my friend Rita, the journalist.

The description:
This is a documentary about people who have fundamentally changed their destiny by starting a new life in a foreign country. The main goal of the project is to get insights of what moves them to risk it all, leave their home country, family and friends, and well-paid jobs. During the interview, we ask them about the meaning of happiness, freedom, and their attitude to money. Ten people have already been interviewed - most of them are Europeans who moved to in Sri Lanka and India escaping the speed, hopes and fears of megalopolis in search of freedom. Now, we are looking for expats who are living in Moscow. We are curious why they have chosen Moscow and how it is to be a foreigner in our city. The outcome of this non-profit project is a 1-hour -film. Our team consists of a sound producer/radio journalist and myself, a professional journalist. When it is ready, we hope showing it at documentary film festivals. The documentary will be finished by November.

A video-recorded interview takes appx. 1-1.5 h. Rita is happy to arrange it at the most convenient time and place for you.

Let me know if you have any questions or are willing to take part in the project.

thanks in advance,

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