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Does anybody else find this limiting!? (Moscow)

I actually subscribed to the site today - you know give it a chance...

I have recieved several emails telling me I am NOT OBEYING their rules - first my picture of my company brand.. clearly my own gratuitous attempt at self promotion. Doh, of course - why not?

Then a post that did not have a date - I wanted an open date and a chance to get a discussion going with regards to branding, marketing, sales and business in Russia. Maybe we should have a TBC option.

I find the administration here limiting... especially as we are paying money for a glorified forum!

Very dissapointed

I ask you, why the limitations on a paid service. What do they achieve for 'us' - your paying subscribers - what is the benefit of my not having my company logo in my picture when my gallery has images of lovely me on parade for all the world to see? What are the benefits of not being able to offer an open date for a meet up?

Explain, please how these limitations reflect global minds and support global entrepreneurs?


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