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“EFFECTIVE REPORTING” ElaN Languages Workshop (Moscow)

The workshop will be held on Tuesday, June 16th Protected content , at the AEB
Office, Moscow, Krasnoproletarskaya ul. 16 bld. 3, entrance Protected content
floor) from 09:00 till 16h30

Are your people good at writing reports?

Reporting, both in writing and orally, is one of the most important
methods of transmitting information in a business setting.
A concise, coherent and complete report not only provides a full and
accurate picture, it also reflects well on the individual or staff who
prepared it.
People working in any business setting will find the skills covered in
this workshop beneficial.
The workshop includes techniques of written reporting in various
formats as well as effective strategies for delivering verbal reports
to both staff and supervisors.

Once you have completed this workshop you will:

• understand the importance of clarity and the key elements of
selecting the relevant information
• be able to choose the best approach to the issue and the logic, and
to group the information accordingly
• learn to edit to be direct and use nuances to support the stated position
• understand the role of the key parts of a report and how to maximize
the effectiveness of each
• know how to use appropriate headings and subheadings, charts and/or
tables to draw attention to key points

The working language of this seminar is English. Please note that
translation will not be provided.

To register for this workshop: write Protected content or call
Protected content 11th of June.

Attendance fees:

For AEB members is 9,700 RUR (+VAT);
Fee for representatives of non-member companies: 12,500 RUR (+VAT);
All payments are to be made by bank transfer.

The trainer: Peter Murray. Canadian language specialist with a vaste
experience in the teaching of language, programme development, and
educational administration. Similar workshops were organized at
companies like Alpha Bank, Boehringer Ingelheim, Luxoft, KIT finance,

About ElaN: ElaN Languages ( Protected content ) is a European
language training and translation company with its roots in polyglot
Belgium. Our company’s customized approach, the experience and
know-how of our language consultants, our worldwide network and
state-of-the-art online support for students and HR managers, gave us
a Q*for certification, a top distinction for client satisfaction. Our
translation operations were certified with the EU quality standard EN
Protected content .

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