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English Speaking Christian Churches in Moscow

Hello! Thought this might be useful for English speaking Christians coming to live and work or study in Moscow and looking for an English speaking church and expat Christian fellowship. I decided to post this after a few people who have been directed to me by my Ministry Director called me from the US to ask for info about churches.
I am working with a Church planting mission from the USA here in Moscow and attend one of the big expat churches here.
There are quite a few English speaking churches, here are a few names:
- International Christian Fellowship (my church)
- Moscow Protestant Chaplaincy (I go there sometimes)
- International Christian Assembly
- Word of Life
- Calvary Chapel (working for Calvary Chapel Church Planting Mission, CA - Russia)
and more...
There is also an amazing Tuesday Night Bible study home group which is ICF based, but includes people from different churches and different countries, and was started as a group for Christian expats to help them feel welcome and build friendships with other expatriate and Russian believers in Moscow.
I will be glad to answer whatever questions you may have about churches and refer you to one of them or put you in contact with church leadership or other expat Christians. I'll be really happy if this post is helpful to someone!

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