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Expats moving, sharing an apartment - room mates (Moscow)

Dear friends,
I'm a new member here, so I ask my question and will appriciate your information help very much.
I'd like to find and share apartment (renting) with an expat person. I think it's good and useful to us both, because I have experience in teaching/coaching English and Russian and I can help with learning Russian and my expat roommate can talk in English with me and I have a good language practice. Besides we can exchange our knowledge about our cultures. I'm a QA Manager in the international company in Moscow. I aslo have good experience in administrative and PR fields. I'm positive, optimistic and ative person.
Could you be so kind to tell me how I can find the right expat person - request, forum or how?
Thanks a lot for your help in advace. This issue is very important for me.
Best regards,

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