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February event (Moscow)

Hello Peter.
Thank you for event yesterday!
My first meeting yesterday. Atmosphere was good and I had a nice time. The Cafe 25 is a really nice place, specially the view on the ouside statues.
Some remarks though:
1 - A friend of mine came, member, she had to pay Protected content . Doen't it push people to say they come even if they know they won't?
2 - You really need to have another solution than having 3 drinks and a dish. For late comers, people who just want to stay an hour or people who already had diner (russian girls tend to never eat after 7PM)
3 - I am sure an effort could be made on the price. To me it Protected content be the max, as it was last year.
4 - It is a professional event, right? 2 of my friends came and ask for a receipt. Answer: not possible, you can't pass it into expenses... Is it really a professional event?
Don't get me wrong, those are constructive remarks. Thank you very much for organising... Meeting new people and new place is always a pleasure, especially in big MOW.

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