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Finding work in Moscow

Hello Moscow Community!

Brrrr... It's already freezing cold in Moscow. :)

My name is Dario and I am 19 years of age. In summer next year I will finish my apprenticeship as IT System Engineer with an official Swiss federal certificate of proficiency.

I would be very interested in working in Moscow from autumn next year for a longer period of time.

I know it lacks of IT people pretty much everywhere around the globe and I assume this is no different in Moscow either or am I completely wrong?

I speak German perfectly well. I have absolutely no problems in understanding, communicating and writing in English (C2 level) and I am doing my apprenticeship in an international company which is active around the globe. English is therefore a part of the everyday game. Furthermore I have some useful knowledge in the French language as well (understandig, speaking and writing). However, there is one downside - I have practically no knowledge in the Russian language. I have only started learing that language and so far I know the cyrillic alphabet, some phrases and know some vocab but I definitely can't use it actively.

I am writing this forum thread in order to gain some useful information about working in Moscow in the IT field. How likely am I to find a job without the Russian language? Where do I check for job opportunities (preferably English speaking ones)? Do you guys have some useful tips, tricks, experience or information to share?

I would be very grateful for any kind of response. :) Have a nice weekend all together!

Best regards


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