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How could I start a career in Russia? (Moscow)

My loved one is from the RF and for various reasons it would be so great if we could start living together in her home country, close to her family, at least for a couple of years.

I am university-educated and have some graduate-level work experience in the UK, my Russian language level is almost fluent.

Basically I am asking which industries or companies in Russia might be more likely to consider a foreigner for an entry-level or junior-management level job, especially if I just finished university and might want to settle in the country for a few years (so I am not looking for a summer job!).

I imagine this can be very difficult, but perhaps you out there have some advice and insights I haven't found before.

Some Russian friends told me that the best option is to do Protected content in Europe and THEN apply for jobs in Russia, but you know, time and a relationship are very important, so that's why I am trying to find every possible way to move there as fast as possible.

Thank you for your time

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