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Living in Russia, Skolkovo, job for foreigners (Moscow)

Hello Moscow,

I have been planing to move to Moscow since a few months ago but due to my corrent work I hadnt had enough time to plan it.

Now I have more time to do some research and all about living, working and studying in Moscow.

Guys, could you help me with some insights about the live in Moscow/Russia?...

Is there any good business school?, I heard Skolkovo is new and pretty good, any idea?

What about job oportunities?... is it difficult to get the work a permit?

I am sure the living expenses are pretty high, how much in would it be enough for a single person?

Language is a big cultural barrier for jobs and daily stuff but is it possible to get a job while learinng the language?

Is Moscow a secure place to live? ....

Thank you guys for your comments, I will really appreciate.



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