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Long-term Russian course: MGU or Liden & Denz? (Moscow)

Hello all,
I have recently arrived in Moscow with my boyfriend who just accepted a job here. We were previously in Sao Paulo (his home town, but I'm Canadian/American). I am looking at doing a long-term, semi to intensive Russian language course and have it narrowed down to the courses at MGU and Liden and Denz. I am an absolute beginner, but I'm a linguist and have spent much of the last 15 years studying or working with language, so I'm looking forward to the challenge of Russian.

Does anyone here have personal experience with either of these places? L&D is a little pricier than MGU (though not much), but seems like it would be a) more flexible and easier to get to and b) maybe a language school would be a better fit for my "no longer a 21 year old" brain :)

Input about either of these schools would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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