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Looking for a job in Moscow

Hello evryone,
my name is Irina, I am from Moscow and currently looking for a new job here. I graduated from Moscow State University in Protected content , Journalism Department. I have work experience in Journalism (as you all may have guessed ), administration field, teaching Russian and English and in Tourism. I speak Russian (mother tongue) and English (fluent). I can start at any time.

My fields of interest in Journalism are: real estate, finance, social events, psychology. I have my own portfolio which contains different publications from newspapers and web sites. I write in Russian, translate from English to Russian. I also had internship on a Russian TV channel and made some programmes on the student radio.
I am interested in linguistics, literature and philosophy. I have been teaching Russian to the foreigners and I quite enjoy it. My graduation work (thesis) is about Russian literature during the Revolution and I have a scientific publication. I am also very interested in foreign languages. English was my first foreign language and I have experience in teaching it in Russia. I read and talk in it quite a lot. I lived in Europe and used to work as a tourist guide.
Also I have work experience as a personal assistant and secretary in a Russian state organization. Punctuality, optionality and stamina are my best qualities. I am also able to find the solutions of different, sometimes unforseen, life problems.

Contacts: PM me here or write to Protected content

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