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Medicine availability for asthma (Moscow)

Hi All!

My husband and I are considering moving from Brazil to Moscow next year and we're currently looking into a couple of practical details to make sure we adjust as smoothly as possible.

One of those (very) important things is the availability of a certain medicine my husband takes and has been taking for most of his adult life. He's got asthma - asthmatic bronchitis, to be more precise - and has been prescribed Berotec (Fenoterol hydro bromide) produced by Boehringer Ingelheim.

Do you guys know if this is a product marketed in Moscow?
I had a look at 36.6's webpage and found no such medicine - but then again, I probably didn't really do it right as I have virtually no knowledge of the Cyrillic alphabet and my search was performed with Google Translate aid.

Have any of you found themselves in this situation before? Could you provide some advice on how to follow through?

Thansk in advance for all your help!

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