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Mobile Phones and Russia (Moscow)

Hi all,
It is my first post here, so please be gentle. :)
Myself and my girlfrend are moving to Moscow in the coming weeks for teaching jobs, after much reading here - very helpful :) - and everywhere else, we only have one remaining topic unanswered at the moment - Mobile Phones.
At the moment we both have iPhones here in the UK. Now, with iMessage and the likes, I was about to sell mine, buy an iPod and use that on WIFi etc. as it makes contacting back here easier and it is free, then buy a cheap phone over there for personal use in Moscow. However, after consideration, what contracts are available in Russia for the likes of iPhones (3G, data roaming etc) and what price are we looking at a month and for that price what is included?

Kind regards.

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