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Moscow Broomball - the sport #1 in the city

Dear All!

Most of you are probably not aware of winter sport that is played by Moscow expats – Moscow Broomball.

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Broomball is a hockey-style sport. It is played on the ice field and there are 5 players plus goalie per one team at the same time on the ice. We use hockey or bandy equipment – but the main differences are that we use special shoes instead of skates, a ball instead of a puck and self-made venik sticks instead of normal sticks.

To play broomball is extremely fun. It is a physical and hard sport in which you can completely forget about daily work pressure. Since skates are not used, the game changes dramatically depending the ice condition. However, the game is not difficult to learn.

This season there are nine men’s teams and six women’s teams in the league. There are national teams of for example Finland, France, Canada and Germany – and several mixed teams with players from different countries. The age range is ~ Protected content .

The league is limited for non-Russian or other ex-CIS citizens. The idea is rotation: most expats are here only a couple of years, so every year there will be many newcomers. Thus, there will not be one team dominating too clearly year after year.

Interested? If you have some kind of sports background, I recommend you to come to the Embassy of Germany, Mosfilmovskaja ulitsa 56 to watch a game. There are many teams with a lack of players, so we could probably find you a team at least for next season or even at once.

This sport is also a good way of expanding your international network. One way of meeting new people is the Carnaval Party 13 February.


Olli Mustonen
Captain of Finn Lions

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