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Moscow International Preschool Playgroup

Playgroups are where parents or other family members or carers and children come together to talk, play and share.
They help children develop social skills such as taking turns, sharing, cooperating and solving conflicts. They are a great way for children to learn the skill of making friends and it is a skill that needs to be learnt. What better place to learn it than on neutral territory.
Playgroups also provide an opportunity to try new activities like group games and play-dough or finger painting. Playgroups also help build self-esteem - the feeling of I can. I can join in, I can feel safe here, I can do these activities, I can wait for my turn.

Children and Friends

In the toddler years children begin to establish contact with other children, to learn how to play and begin to choose specific children as friends. In childhood friendship is not shown in talking with the other child, but in time spent together doing the same thing.

If your children are in need of extra stimulation come along and join in our playgroup session where you can relax with other parents within the Moscow community.
Play group is designed and activities are set up in regards to developmental stages and ages. These activities allow children to participate and learn for themselves and along side others.

This play group is a great introduction to the process of kindergarten sessions without parent guidance and is known as transitioning. This is a skill required before going to school. Children who transition to one environment to another will establish formal learning with ease.

If you and the staff are confident in leaving your child for the full session this may be possible, but will depend on staff to child ratios.
During these sessions your child will interact with teachers who are fluent in English, Russian and Spanish.

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