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Moscow Travel Group

Hi guys,

I want to start discussion here. Because it was deleted from the Wall of the Travel group. I thought I am a member of international community where the freedom of expression and opinion as well as respect to opponent are existed. Censorship is an avowal of weakness! So I still keep the hope to get comments from the group Consul.

I re-post my message.

It is very sad, guys, that you made Internations so much commercialized. I suppose the creators of this community had little bit different idea - to share experience, knowledge, to show expats the best sides of the country, city, culture. Otherwise it is business with lot's of competition and minimum of rules, when someone deletes other people events, messages and steals ideas just because of commercial interest.

Would be interesting to know your thoughts.

I am the member of the group. Without any commercial interest. There is a group of people who would like to organize walks around Moscow for free. Just because we love the city and want to share and explore it together. But now I feel not welcomed in travel group. I have nothing against professional excursions. It is always interesting.!! But should be any legal and ethics rules for Consuls and group members here?!

Thank you,

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