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Moving to Moscow

Hello all!
I'm so thankful I found this community of people!
A little about me quickly: I live in Nashville, TN, and am studying for my bachelor's in Communications with a minor in English Language and Literature. Next spring, I will take a term off of school to get my ESL certificate here in Nashville, and then will continue my degree after that, if I so choose to.
In September, I plan to take a two week trip to Moscow to visit this beautiful country for the first time. I have a friend there who will show me around.
I hope to one day move to Moscow, so long as international relations between our two countries stay friendly, if we can call it that right now.

I guess I'm writing here to ask about work in Moscow for Americans? What requirements I should have? What pitfalls should I expect? Etc.

Please advise me any way you can. That would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much.

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