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PIT declaration campaign for 2013 started (Moscow)

We will be happy to provide the full range of Russian tax compliance services, including:

Preparation of Russian individual income tax return based upon information provided by the taxpayer and/or his representative;
Provision of estimate of individual’s tax liability;
Review of the signed Russian tax return and its submission to the Russian tax authorities
Provision of tax payment instructions for the settlement of Russian tax liability for the reporting year
Verification of tax balance of taxpayer’s personal account with the Russian tax authorities to reconcile the tax payment
Applying for the official Tax Clearance Certificates confirming the amount of income reported in Russia, tax paid in Russia and the absence of outstanding Russian tax liability for the particular year (this is often required for foreign individuals for the home country tax authorities to claim a foreign tax credit on income tax paid in Russia).

We will analyse information and documents provided by a taxpayer/ his representative and determine types of income which are subject to taxation in Russia and which should be included in Russian taxable base, including, but not limited by:

Employment income
Income received based on civil-legal agreement
Director’s fees
Dividend income
Interest income
Incentive income
Income from sale of property or property rights
Rental income
Material gain
Other types of income

For the purposes of preparation of tax returns, we will need to receive scanned copies of income confirmation documents. The original documents should be further provided at the time of filing the tax return with the Russian tax authorities. Some documents might be requested by the authorities if an in-camera audit of the tax return is initiated by the tax authorities.

The Russian Tax Code foresees also a range of tax deductions for tax residents. The most material deductions are property-related tax deductions. In order to report on the tax return the transactions with the purchase or sale of property, we will need to receive additional related documents that should be discussed separately.

Once we receive the complete package of documents needed for the preparation of the tax return, we will prepare the tax return and send it to the taxpayer for review along with the spreadsheet outlining the tax calculation. If any questions arise in respect of tax calculation, we are always glad to discuss all questions in detail over the phone or in writing. Further, we will need to receive the originally signed tax return from the taxpayer for onward submission to the tax authorities.

Our fee for the full range of Russian tax compliance services outlined above is RUB 10,000, including assistance with applying for the Tax Clearance Certificate. Should manual submission of the tax return to the Russian tax authorities be required (if a notarized Power of Attorney is available), the additional fee for the visit to the tax authorities will be charged based upon hourly rate and time spent (1,500 RUB/hr).

We will be happy to discuss over the phone or during a personal meeting our Russian tax compliance services to clarify all questions, tax filing procedure related to the particular person and information required for the preparation of the precise tax return.

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